Email marketing allows you to communicate effectively with your current and potential market in an immediate, relevant and personal way. Together with our customers, we offer a great success regarding communication and marketing through the email channel. Whether it's improving opportunities, interactions, cost savings or an improvement in conversions. For many years, we have been helping our customers achieve better results in their email activities. By using professional email marketing, you can stay in touch with your audience and build strong relationships with your customers.

We achieve that using four points: Contemplating the possibilities with you, helping you create the solution, guaranteeing/ensuring the correct application and, ultimately, analyzing the results.


  • We elaborate your strategic email marketing plan, from setting out the objectives to the analysis of the results, in order to improve the performance of your shipments.
  • We help you understand the needs and define the goals of your campaigns.
  • We help you get to know the target and work to build and maintain your database, as well as to make it grow.
  • We develop an email marketing strategy according to the objectives and take care of the piece design.
  • We set up a sending plan and establish the best stay-in-touch policy.
  • We measure and analyze the results so that your campaigns improve with every shipping.


We design the pieces according to the successful practices of email marketing. We adapt them to suit all devices and adjust them to the email clients’ needs, relying on the real-time concept for your campaigns.

  • Effective designs.
  • Responsive.
  • Sophisticated concepts.
  • Customer lifecycle.
  • Smart campaigns.

SHIPPING (real-time)

We adapt your emails and its images to the respective time zone, location and device, as well as making it fit the needs of the person reading your email.


  • Result reports (interaction, user behavior).
  • Tips for strategic improvement and optimization.
  • Analysis and spotting of opportunities.
  • Quantify and qualify results of email marketing campaigns. 



It is a dynamic and real-time email software. Pixylon creates personalized and relevant emails. It adapts the email and its images to the time zone, the location and the device in which it is being read.


Magento is the fastest growing e-commerce platform in the world for its multiple options of integration and flexibility. Integrate Magento in your email marketing strategy and increase the visits and sales on your online shop!


Budgets, invoices, payrolls ... send confidential documents via e-mail with the Tripolis e-Confidential module! A simple and secure service to send and receive certified documents for both business and personal use.