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Rich Media

Rich Media

MarketValley has all the knowledge needed to produce winning online advertisements using rich media formats.


We talk about Rich Media when an online ad, containing images or videos, requires some interaction by the user. From a technical point of view, an advertisement can be defined as Rich Media when you use Flash or HTML5 technology and 40Kb initial load is minimum.

Rich Media ads, for creativity, are considered more effective at capturing the attention of the public and can be deployed to make an ad expand, float on the screen, etc., giving the possibility of interactions with different games and other applications). However, not to be too intrusive, the user will be able to have control over the ads, for example by passing over the ad with the mouse (mouse over / mouse off) or activating / deactivating it with a single click.

Operation Rich Media

To create and manage ad campaigns, Rich Media platforms require specific providers (Adservers) such as Doubleclick Studio (Google), Atlas Solutions (Facebook), Pointroll and more. You can trust MarketValley to identify the ideal Adserver for your business and develop a successfully Rich Media campaign for your website.

Advantages of Rich Media

Rich media ads, as well as being more effective in terms of CTR and conversions regarding text ads or image / video standards, allow advertisers to create complex ads that can get a very positive response from users creating engagement and brand recognition.

If you are looking for a technology partner with a long experience in developing Rich Media campaigns, contact MarketValley or visit us at our office in Barcelona.