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At MarketValley, we are pioneers in the adaptation of our clients towards advanced online marketing techniques, such as Displays known as Remarketing and Real Time Bidding.

Remarketing allows you to show ads, in different formats (text, image or video), to users who have already visited some (or all) of your website pages when they visit other websites related to your industry for a period of time and with a predetermined frequency.

Remarketing is an effective way for users who have already visited some key pages on your website (eg. Product or service pages) and have left without converting to have another chance to convert.

Several platforms for launching and managing Remarketing campaigns exist (e.g., Adroll, Chango, Perfect Audience, Retargeter), but without a doubt, the most popular is the Google Adwords platform (only available for the Display Network).


The first step in setting up a remarketing campaign is adding remarketing tags (small code snippet) to every page on our website. Thanks to this tag we can create remarketing lists for each page of your website (e.g. each product page), where it will be saved for a period of time limited to the cookie ID of each user who visits your website. With this information, ad campaigns can be created to target each remarketing list.


The main advantage of Remarketing is to reconnect with users who have already shown an interest in your products and services through targeted ads after they have left your website without completing the conversion. It can be a very powerful tool, but must be used sparingly — with daily frequency limitations and limited time duration of the ad — to prevent the user from feeling “followed” by the advertiser.

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