Business Intelligence


Make innovative decisions! Consolidate the performance of your business activities in a single dashboard. Gain strategic insight into your business instantly. Contact us!

There is a way to manage your business and make decisions in a timely manner without having to decipher reports from different channels and platforms. How? Through Business Intelligence technology. You cannot manage what you cannot measure … How do you profit from your business online?

  • Custom and interactive dashboards
  • Comparative analysis by countries, funnels, etc.
  • Profitability analysis
  • Simulations and trend analysis
  • Alert systems for critical information
  • Centralization of data for strategic monitoring

Business Intelligence provides key information which translates to concrete actions that will allow you to maximize business benefits. Start by making a smart decision: simplify your day and increase your results with BI.

Often, success is determined by a fast response and an ability to anticipate situations and make decisions in an innovative way. Count on BI!


For some time MarketValley has counted on Business Intelligence technologies (BI). Managing large multichannel and international accounts required personalized and comprehensive analysis of key business indicators to optimize and maximize our business objectives. QlikView has become our partner in excellence, allowing interaction with data without restrictions and the ability to make decisions in an innovative way.